"she reaches out her hands to those who are in need." - About Us
"she reaches out her hands to those who are in need." - Company Message
About Us 
    Women of Noble Character began in January of 2010 as  a group of women meeting once a week for lunch and to encourage and pray for one another. We later began monthly garage giveaways where we took in donations and gave them away. We then incorporated the Share Food Program with the giveaways and started distributing the pre-paid food packages monthly so people were not only able to pick up their food but also receive free clothing, furniture, etc.

     Soon after, we began distributing packaged home-cooked meals in the community and in May of 2011, through the encouragement of those we were serving, acquired a location in an area where we knew there was a great need for what we offered but also to comprise the food and clothing services and give better access to those who needed them. 

     Initially, we were available one night a week for dinner and for the community to receive free clothing, hygiene products, blankets, etc. but soon thereafter, through the efforts of our A Meal A Day Coalition, other individuals and ministries in the community, and the use of community service workers, we have grown to assisting the community five days a week as well as serving dinner 4-6 nights a week.

     We have been blessed to help the community in other ways as well. We have purchased sleeping bags, tents, tickets for people to return to their families, referrals for housing, partnering with local dentists to offer free dental work for community service, supporting and partnering with other agencies and ministries to assist with community events, distributing over 1,400 toys and helping over 400 families for Christmas with the help of Toys for Tots and local businesses, and so much more.

     In 2015 we hosted our first annual "Show Your Hearts Not Your Body Parts" conference for young ladies ages 12-20. It is a 3 day conference that is targeted at building young women's self-esteem as well as teaching some basic life skills. Soon after The Nice Girlz Club was created for the alumni of the conference as a way to continue to support and encourage their journeys.

     We are constantly in need of clothing, coats, hats, gloves, socks, shoes, hygiene products (bath wipes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, soap, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, etc.), blankets, sleeping bags, and tents.

     Through your generous donations we have recently acquired a new location where we intend to continue serving meals and offering assistance as well as launching new programs such as Teach Them To Fish.

     We would like to thank you for your donations and a special thanks to: WiNDS Foundation Inc., High Desert Community Foundation, The Salvation Army, Life Church, Open Door, Victor Valley Rescue Mission,  the Victorville CHP, M Cupcakes and Pastries, Options for Youth, Another Level for Women, Victorville Motors, V.V. Tae Kwon Do, Albertson's, MGR, Wells Fargo, Dollar General, Starbucks, Jeff M. and family, Wal-Mart, Advance America, High Desert Outreach, High Desert Second Chance, High Desert Food Bank, Storehouse of Blessings, God's Lighthouse, Kingdom Way Ministries, What If It Were You, Unity of The Faith and all those women (and men) of noble character who have made this ministry possible.


Click on the donate button to donate now or donations can be mailed to: Women of Noble Character 
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      Victorville, Ca 92392
Make checks payable to Winds Foundation Inc. c/o Women of Noble 
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Thank You and God Bless!