"she reaches out her hands to those who are in need." - Testimonials/Articles
"she reaches out her hands to those who are in need." - Company Message

This is Robert, before, who we served on the streets for over 2 years, providing him with food, clothes, blankets, and the love of Jesus......
                                  .........and this is Robert now!
After attending the Victor Valley Rescue Mission's recovery program and becoming a volunteer in their food pantry where he has been a blessing to WONC by providing us with food and toiletries for our ministry. So now he, in return is sharing that same love of Christ. He was eventually hired as a full time employee of the Rescue Mission and is placed in charge of the food pantry. Congratulations!

Note from Pastor Rae........

We met Francis Turner in 2011. She was homeless and had been living in the streets with her partner for several years. 

After meeting us and praying with us one day while we were out distributing dinners,they were blessed with a place to live a week later. She immediately volunteered to start helping with our work and continued working with us for over 2 years (never being homeless again) until her passing in 2013. She was my sister and friend and I thank God for sending that blessing He sent into my life when He did. Luv u, Fran R.I.H..........until we meet again!

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