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Katrina's Story

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

In 2015, Katrina was 1 of 15 young women who participated in our first annual Show Your Hearts Not Your Body Conference. During the conference the girls learn about self- esteem building, financial literacy, job interview tips and much more. She wanted to share a little bit about her experience.

"Show Your Hearts Not Your Body Parts has changed my life so much and for the better, not to mention I have many sisters that I shared that experience with.

One thing that this conference did for me was it turned me into a little bit of a girl. I used to want nothing to do with makeup, dresses or skirts but the amount of makeup I now own is ridiculous along with skirts and dresses.

Another thing that this conference has done for me is showed me how to carry myself with self confidence and showed me that I'm not alone. During this conference I tried a dress on and I ripped it and broke the zipper. After that I didn't wanna try anymore dresses, I didn't want any part of being girly. I was just quiet and didn't wanna be apart of it. Then this one lady wouldn't leave me alone. She made me smile and I tried again. She showed me that being curvy and heavier set was beautiful and that we are all beautiful in every shape and form. I'm so happy she never left me alone. I have a family that I couldn't be happier to have in my life to this day!"

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